Affiliate with the Indigenous Anarchist Federation

The time has come to build a true federation of Indigenous anarchics. We need to connect our struggles into a connected network of struggle. We do not advocate a centralized leadership under a single organization, but instead seek to act as a connecting point for a multitude of cells, groups, cooperatives, collectives, acting as the leaves and roots of the tree, feeding the struggle. The Indigenous Anarchist Federation seeks to be the trunk of this tree, connecting all of the leaves and roots together sharing in a common purpose.

We are anti-colonial revolutionaries. We struggle to liberate all colonized people without exception. Our internationalism is built on thousands of Indigenous nations, not on nation-states. We will not compromise anti-colonialism to fight for some proletariat who does not center anti-colonialism and abolition. There is no liberation until colonial legacies are firmly buried in the sands of time. Our revolution is as much social & psychological, as it is material. Building new relations, unlearning toxic ways of relating, and growing a new world is what we seek.

Seperated, we can do a lot to build mutual aid and organize our communities against colonialism. Connected, we can do even more, sharing not only resources, but also sharing information, expertise, and platforms. 
Affiliation creates a system whereby people have a clear understanding of where an organization stands. A group affiliated with the IAF-FAI has a clearly anarchic Indigenous project and rejects ‘authoritarian’ solutions to liberation. Affiliation allows for like-minded people to find each other through organizing. With a visit to our website, people will be able to find budding new projects to join and help grow.

 Starting an IAF-FAI affiliated group starts with you and a few friends. If you launch a project, you can send us an email ( stating your group name, a statement of agreement to the points of agreement and affiliation guide, your logo (you can use ours once you let us know you are affiliating, use your own, or use both), and the lands your project covers (both colonial name and Indigenous lands, i.e., “New-Afrikan/Mvskoke Lands, Selma, Alabama”). If your group has a particular focus, such as a farming cooperative, tech, manufacturing, first aid, firearms training, general mutual aid, etc., you can include that as well. You can affiliate with more than one group, so if you want to join up with Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, Black Socialists in America, Black Rose – Rosa Negra, etc., that is great!

If you are just one Black/Indigenous person, you can plant a seed with the IAF-FAI. Let us know you want to organize and provide us with a secure means of contacting you and the lands your project would cover. We will publish this as a seed project, so that like-minded people regionally can get in touch. Building intital relations can be hard, but you are not as alone as you might think. We are here to help make these connections!

We get dozens of requests in our inbox regularly asking for local chapters to affiliate with. Again, we are not a centralized organization, so there are no chapters to join. If we have an affiliated group in your area you will see it posted on our website under the Get Into It tab. If we don’t have an affiliated group in your area, start one! The best way to learn how to run an organization is to run one. Take your time, be safe, and we can build resistance and dual power together!

Points of Agreement

What we are against:    

  1. Anti-colonial, anti-authoritarian, anti-state, and anti-capitalist struggle are inseparable in the struggle for liberation.
  2. Anti-Blackness has no place in Indigenous liberation. There can be no Indigenous liberation without our Black/Indigenous relatives!
  3. Patriarchy and sexual bigotry has no home in our struggle.
  4. Domination in any form has not place in our struggle.
  5. Killing unarmed civilians is never just. Only take up arms in defense against attack or to deny the state the resources to attack.

What we are for:

  1. We want a world where many worlds fit, a world free from coercive control over individual expression, sexuality, and being.
  2. Internationalism between Indigenous peoples must be steadfast, with exception for those Indigenous organizations engaged in colonialism, authoritarianism, or capitalist domination.
  3. We want to build autonomy, creating self sufficient, resilient systems that provide for the needs of every person in our communities.
  4. We fight to protect our lands in the short term and reclaim our lands in the long term.
  5. We seek to create systems of decolonization for Indigenous people, both land connected & displaced.
  6. We will fight efforts by colonizers, fascists, and the state to harm people.
  7. We seek to live as we should in nature, restoring balance and relation with all plants, animals, fungi, lands, waters, and skies.
  8. We seek to create technologies that do not rely on destructive resource extraction to provide for people’s needs and comforts.

Understanding of Affiliation with the IAF-FAI

  • Must have a membership largely consisting of Black/Indigenous people and center Black/Indigenous leadership.
  • Must agree with the points of agreement.
  • Must agree to disassociate with members who engage in actions that endanger or dominate fellow revolutionaries.
  • Must agree to practice good security culture when engaging with other affiliated groups in the IAF-FAI.
  • Must agree not to work with the state or security entities.
  • Affiliated groups can freely use IAF-FAI logos, icons, colors, motifs, etc., freely.
  • Affiliated groups can freely raise objections on actions of other affiliated groups.
  • Affiliated groups can freely leave.
  • Affiliated groups can freely ask other organizations, who adopt the points of agreement and meet affiliation requirements, to affiliate with the federation.
  • Affiliated groups will not be asked by IAF-FAI to provide or keep membership lists.
  • Affiliated groups will not be asked by IAF-FAI to adopt any name or logo.
  • Affiliated groups will not be asked by IAF-FAI to engage in any specific tactics.
  • Affiliated groups will not be asked by IAF-FAI to spend monetary resources in any way, aside from that the funds not be used to enrich certain members of the affiliated group.
  • Resources gathered by the IAF-FAI shall be made available, as they become available, to affiliated groups conducting mutual aid, infrastructure development, and the building of dual power. 
  • Resources may be gathered by affiliated groups in the name of the IAF-FAI so long as their specific group explains which organization will be receiving and utilizing the funds.