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On the issue of equality: "I never myself viewed this question as fundamentally any more a
woman's question than it is a man's. The Legislation we opposed secured theen slavement of
women and the increased immorality of men; and history and experience alike teach us that
these two results are never separated."

Letter of Mrs. Josephine E. Butler to the International Council of Women at Washington. Mrs.
Butler's Appeal to the Women of America.Addressed to the International Council of Women. 1888


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This memorial site recounts –although incompletely- Josephine Butler's and her friends' struggle since 1875. a
This fight is still topical and goes on nowadays thanks to all the people who rise up against injustices, inequalities,
attacks on dignity…



Josephine Butler
Founder and President 1875 – 1899

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 Pictures of Presidents

Dorit Otzen
President of IAF
1999- 2007
  Brigitte Polonovski

President of IAF 
Anima Basak
President of IAF
 1984 -1994
Martine Costes

 VP IAF 1999

Famous IAF members


 Suzanne Kepes

  Marcelle Legrand Falco

 Ghenia Avril de Ste Croix
Founder of the French
Chapter 1901

 Co-Founders of the German Chapter of IAF


Anna PappRitz


Anita Augspurg
Co-Founder of German
Chpapter of IAF 1898


Lida Heymann
Co-Founder of German 


Gertrud Gräfin Schack
founded the first German
chapter of IAF in 1880



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