Indigenous Anarchist Convergence: A Gathering to Learn & Connect

Táala Hooghan Infoshop, Kinlani, Occupied
Flagstaff, AZ, will be hosting a convergence of
Anarchists both Indigenous as well as Anarchists
of Color on August 16-18th.

With the rising tide of federal invasion of our lands,
the continued ignorance by white anarchists
of what anarchism means for indigenous struggle,
and the need to build networks for action across the
country, this conference is important.

If you have never met another indigenous person
who links anarchism to our struggle, this is the place
to see that you are not alone, to make friends and
contacts, and to learn from Indigenous Anarchists
who have decades of experience to build from. Learning from our elders is important and this is the place where the experienced will be and where the novice can learn.

If you have suggestions for discussion, proposals for a workshop, or further questions about the Indigenous Anarchist Convergence, check out the event page at:

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