Three Mapuche Political Prisoners Join Hunger Strike in the Temuco Prison (Wallmapu)

This communiqué comes from the Mapuche political prisoners, Jorgue Cayupan, Alvaro Millalen and Jose Caceras, who have joined the hunger strike of Facundo Jones Huala in the Temuco prison. The hunger striking political prisoners demand their cultural and political rights be respected inside the Temuco prison. The original in Spanish was published by Alianza Territorial Mapuche and can be found here.

This statement was translated and first published by Voices In Movement and can be viewed on their excellent site here.

February 19th, 2019

Public communiqué:

We, Mapuche political prisoners in the Temuco prison (Jorgue Cayupan, Alvaro Millalen and Jose Caceras) communicate to the Mapuche nation and the society in general that we have joined the hunger strike of our Peñi Logko Facundo Jones Huala. We join this hunger strike to demand the intra-penitentiary rights that are systemically violated by the Chilean gendarmerie inside this prison.

The objective of these demands is a protocol of massive visits, of cultural character, to carry out the Nguellipun (Mapuche ceremony) and the authorization to carry out cultural workshops including the revitalization of Mapuzugun (the Mapuche Indigenous language).

Nothing will break our morale and spirit of struggle in defense of our political cultural rights and our support for the different processes of territorial recuperation.



Jorgue Cayupan

Alvaro Millalen

Jose Caceres

Mapuche Political Prisoners CCP Temuko