IAF-FAI Stickers for Indigenous Organizers!

We are proud to announce the availability of four stickers to help our Indigenous comrades organize and radicalize in their communities.

If you are Indigenous or are a non-Indigenous person of color we can send you some of each free of charge.

If you are a non-Indigenous we can send you some of each for $15 (additional donations welcomed). These funds will help buy the next round of stickers (hopefully in Spanish) and pay for postage.

Contact us on twitter at @IAF__FAI or email us at [email protected] to order some today!

How do you use these stickers?

  • Sticker tag your bus stop.
  • Put one in your break room.
  • Stick one in the community center or youth center.
  • See that seat across from you as your ride home. That looks like a great spot!
  • Give a few to your local radical book store.
  • Add these to your table at a local event, gathering, or Pow-Wow.
  • Put them everywhere Indigenous eyes can see them!