The Anti blackness/Transmisogynoir of White Anything

Whether they described themselves as leftists/anarchist/antifascists. The anti blackness/transmisogynoir of these white “radicals” never stays hidden. These folks dare to have BLM in they profiles, say they protesting for us, but when we say that they aren’t doing enough, we are gaslighted, called tankies, accused of being feds, etc anything do dismiss the concerns of slave. Me and a few comrades were kicked of Twitter for confronting this white antifascist. They were in a more vulnerable position as me, existing as Black trans radicals. For me while being disconnected from close to 9,000 certainly hurts it does hurt as much as Black trans radicals being disconnected from the community they found on Twitter. There is another example to it involves the killing of Antonio Mays Jr at CHAZ/CHOP. White and even non Black continue to find something positive about the failed “autonomous zone (it’s a fucking settler zone, that’s what it is). With those positives ignoring and downright gaslighting Black death. For Black folk more importantly Black trans folk their are no allies amongst the whites and it’s way past time we realize that. Being kicked of Social Media Platforms to being killed in Settler Zones is proof of our status as slaves. We’re being told maybe not directly to be grateful while these white folks further marginalize and socially/physically imprison and kill us